Tung Lohas Park - Hakka Quadrangles

Miaoli County / Tongluo Township
Experience Hakka culture and beautiful tung blossoming in Tung Lohas Park. The Quadrangle building presents Hakka historical exhibitions brings the trip both relaxing and educational.

Chingan Old Street (Chingan Bean Curd Street)

Miaoli County / Taian Township
A wide array of bean curd delicacies served from traditional handmade bean curd.

Shengxing Railway Station

Miaoli County / Sanyi Township
Located in Shengxing Village of Sanyi Town in Miaoli County, Taiwan, Shengxing Railway Station was the highest railway station on the Western Taiwan Railway Line (Old Mountain Railway) at 402.236 meters above sea level.Completed in 1906, Shengxing Railway Station is built entirely of wood in Japanese style without a single nail on each beam. The train station was built according to feng shui with canine tooth style on the eaves. The railway was first used to carry only freigh...

Mingde Reservoir

Miaoli County / Touwu Township
Established in 1960, Mingde Reservoir is located about 6kms from Miaoli Interchange, on the northern side of Touwu Town along the Laotianliao River and downstream of Mingde village, completed by a dam near Mingde Village to block off Laotianliao River, a tributary of Houlong River. The reservoir was originally named Houlong Reservoir with an area about 170 hectares. It is the primary water source for industrial and agricultural use and a tourist attraction of Miaoli.Mingde Re...

Dahu Town

Miaoli County / Dahu Township
Located in Miaoli County, Dahu Town is famed for strawberries of high-quality making it a popular tourist destination. Strawberries were first introduced to Dahu in 1957, many experimentations were proceeded with different varieties of strawberries include Marshall and Aliso. Today, Dahu Town produces about 90% of the total amount of strawberries in Taiwan. Strawberries are seasonal with the harvest season being from around November to April, visitors may enjoy picking strawb...