Shengxing Railway Station

Located in Shengxing Village of Sanyi Town in Miaoli County, Taiwan, Shengxing Railway Station was the highest railway station on the Western Taiwan Railway Line (Old Mountain Railway) at 402.236 meters above sea level.

Completed in 1906, Shengxing Railway Station is built entirely of wood in Japanese style without a single nail on each beam. The train station was built according to feng shui with canine tooth style on the eaves. The railway was first used to carry only freight such as coal, fruit and groceries, but later it was used for public transportation.

Due to route change from the old trunkline: Jiushan Line to the New Jiushan Line, Shengxing Railway Station was closed on September 23, 1998. Shengxing Railway Station has been registered as a Miaoli historical site on April 16th, 1999. Although part of the building was damaged from the earthquake happened on September 21st, 1999, the train station remains the same structure, and many artifacts from the period of Japanese colonization can still be found, such as the old train signals that originally stood between Shengxing and Tai-an railway stations.

Shengxing Railway Station is also a popular Miaoli tourist stop surrounded by a cluster of tea shops, souvenir shops, and traditional Hakka restaurants. Visitors may savor authentic Hakka dishes such as Hakka Braised Pork, Tea Oil Stewed Pork, Shengxing Tofu, and Hakka Stir-Fried. In addition, Shengxing Railway Station is crowded by visitors for fabulous white Tung flower blossoms and flickering fireflies from April to May each year. Wonderfully surrounded by mountains and rivers, Shengxing Railway Station is an excellent spot for firefly tours.

No.89, Shengxing Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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