Chingan Old Street (Chingan Bean Curd Street)

Located in Chingan Village of Tai’an Town in Miaoli County, Taiwan, Chingan Old Street has different names derived from its location and bean curd specials. This Taiwan old street t is also known as Xishuikeng Old Street and Chingan Bean Curd (Tofu) Street for the location that Xishui River and Wenshui River converge, offering high-standard water quality that are perfect for making bean curd with a soft and tender taste, making it the home to a number of handmade bean curd stalls and restaurants.

Chingan Old Street is occupied by a number of grocery stores, food stalls, restaurants and traditional bean curd stores that visitors may savor bean curd (tofu) served in different flavors. As Chingan Village is resided mostly by the Atayal indigenous and Hakka people, one may also find a wide array of Hakka cuisines and aboriginal specials other than bean curd dishes.

Chingan Old Street is just few minutes away from the famous Taian Hot Spring making it the midpoint for visitors to stop before heading to the hot spring area. Taian Hot Spring is a popular alkaline carbonate spring with a temperature about 47 degrees Celsius, pH of 8, colorless and odorless.

Chingan Village, Xishuikeng area, Tai'an Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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