Tung Lohas Park - Hakka Quadrangles

Introducing Hakka Culture
Tung Lohas Park is located in Maioli, where more than half of the populations are Hakka. This is one of the origins of Hakka culture, making it a great place to meet the Hakka Culture, for anyone who is interested in their way of living. Tung Lohas Park is founded by the county officials, where most of the Tung Blossoms Festivals took place. Having the Tung Blossoms Festival arranged annually, Tung Lohas Park is now a great attraction for you to enjoy both flowers and Hakka culture.

Tung Lohas Park – Hakka Quadrangles
The park is Located in Tongluo, Miaoli. A park full of tung oil tree and Hakka culture, making this place a must visit attraction during the tung blossoming especially from March to May. There are hiking routes throughout the park, where you can simply enjoy the whole afternoon, with green trees decorated with white flowers. A quadrangle is a Chinese tradition compound building. The quadrangle building in the park is built to manage and care for the tung flowers. Through architectural designed, the building possess the collision of tradition and modernity becoming an attraction within the park. The quadrangle is also an exhibition hall displayed with Hakka artifacts for educational and historical purposes.

Tung Oil Tree
There are mainly two kinds of tung oil tree in Taiwan, the Aleurites Montana and the Aluerites Fordii Hemsi. The blooming season starts from April and ends around July, it reaches blooming peak around May. With hills of tung tree blooming, majority of travelers in Taiwan choose this time of the year to visit and participate in this snow-white sensation.


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